A Quiet Place: Day One trailer

This movie is an upcoming American horror and thriller movie. A Quiet Place: Day One is directed and written by Michael Sarnoski.In this movie, we see the monstrous alien attack on the Earth and everyone is running to save their life.

This alien attacked humans. They did not leave any person who was a male, female senior citizen, or child. The movie’s name is related to quiet so we assume that in this movie we see that everybody is quiet to save their life. If people make any noise they are killed by the aliens. 

For the ultimate thrill and chills, this movie is a must-watch for all thriller and horror lovers. A Quiet Place: Day One plot is based on the allein, these aliens come to destroy the world. In this, we see how the people save our lives without any noise.

The Cast Of A Quiet Place: Day One

The everyone characters who play a role in this movie perform very well. They play their role in every serious and amazing performance. The cast of a quiet place: one day performed very good acting. This movie is amazing with an incredible story and the characters play their role very deeply.

  • Joseph Quinn                       Eric 
  • Lupita Nyong’o                     Samira
  • Alex Wolff
  • Djimon Hounsou                  Henri
  • Thea Butler
  • Jennifer Woodward              Nurse
  • Sunjay Midda
  • Zay Domo Artist                   Young Bryan
  • Elijah Ungvary
  • Malik Jubal                          Truck Driver
  • Cain Aiden                           Passerby
  • Alexander                            John
  • Káit Feeney Fran
  • Nick Davison Boat                Survivor
  • Jonathan Sparrow                Survivor
  • Vinodini Patel                        Teacher & Boat Survivor
  • Yaya Hamza                           Survivor
  • Mark Khan                              Passerby

What Is A Quiet Place: Day One About?

The quiet place: day one is based on noise pollution. New York is a very busy and noisy city. In this city, people create more noise and they do not care about this reason. In this movie, one day an alien is attacked in this city.

We see that these aliens killed the people on a noise basis. If they hear any sound then they kill that person. We are very excited to know how the people survive and save their lives from the aliens. If you enjoy thriller and horror films, then this movie is perfect for you.

A Quiet Place: Day One trailer

A Quiet Place: Day One Where To Watch?

Many viewers search for this movie’s release date and trailer on the internet. In this movie, we see a different quiet place: day one plot and other sequel. We see horrific aliens and they attack to listen to any sound. If you like the previous sequel then you should also watch this film.

Actor Lupita Nyong’o is the main lead role and they play their role very amazingly. He received an Oscar-winning award for the role in the Slave 2013 movie. Alex Wolff and Djimon Hounsou, both play the lead role and try to survive and understand how to use the empty city to protect themselves from the aliens.

What Is The Trailer Of The Movie About?

 People are very excited after watching the A Quiet Place: Day One trailer.

A Quiet Place: Day One reviews are very amazing and positive and the movie is generating a lot of excitement among people. In this movie, you see a different point of view. In this movie, the director shows serious issues that are happening in New York.

They show the daily life of people which is busy and creates noise pollution and nobody can care about that problem. Not a single person can care about the surroundings and the noise which is created by the people. A Quiet Place: Day One trailer release date on 7 Feb 2024. Movie enthusiasts have been waiting for this movie for a long time because in this movie we see mystery and horror with real-based problems.

When Will The Film Arrive In Theaters?

This movie is the most awaited movie of this month. Users are very exhilarated by this movie. Get ready for a spine-chilling ride with this movie, perfect for all thriller and horror enthusiasts. A Quiet Place: The Day One release date is 28 June in the us.

If you are not a member and resident of the US then you should wait more. When the film is released in the US after some time may be released in a different country. There will be a chance that you see this movie on the OTT platforms.


In this movie, we see how the people are alive when the monsters attack New York City. The movie will be released in theaters on 28 June in the US city. A Quiet Place: Day One characters play their role in a very passionate manner. They give their full dedication to this movie and do hard work for the success of the film.


What Is A Quiet Place Day One Going To Be About?

In this movie, we see an alien invasion of the city, and these aliens are noise-sensitive monsters.

Is A Quiet Place Really Scary?

Yes, the film is very scary and in this, we see fearful scenes and horrible fighting moments.

Is There A Quiet Place 3 Coming Out?

The release date of this movie is confirmed. You can see this film in theaters on 28 June in the US country. 

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