New Horror Movies 2023 was another successful year for horror movies, and we have been treated to this plentiful feast for the past few years. We’re excited for some blockbuster horror releases in 2024 as we consider our favorites from this year. We’re in for an actual deal, with everything from famous masterpieces like The First Omen and Beetlejuice 2 to distinctive new horror films like Blumhouse’s Night Swim and this summer’s Trap. “Radio Silence Untitled Monster Movie” gives the April release of 2024 a hint of mystery.

 So as we crave horror movies One reason we consume that horror is to be excited. Exposure to horrific actions, or simply the expectation of such events, can affect us both mentally and physically in opposite ways: negatively (fear or anxiety) or positively (excitement or delight). Another reason we seek horror is to have fresh experiences. Lastly, horror entertainment may allow us to (safely) satisfy our curiosity about the evil side of the human mind.

 Horror movies are based on true stories Horror films have generated some of popular culture’s most legendary icons. However, not all horror films are completely fake; some are based on true events. For example, “The Conjuring” is based on the real-life Perron, 1994 family.

Best Horror Movies 2023 

Looking for a horrific movie to stream on Netflix? Any moment is a good time to watch a horror film. Waiting until October to watch scary movies is the traditional method to acquire your tricks and treats, just like renting from Blockbuster or not utilizing Treatster to determine which houses give out the most amazing treats. No, in today’s world, you can relax and enjoy your fright from the comfort of your couch due to movies available on Netflix. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best horror movies on Netflix right now, an ever-changing list that will supply you with both classic horror picks and new cuts to satisfy your terror needs.

 New Horror Movies 2023 Streaming 

New Horror Movies

1. X (March 18, 2022) Horror fans will appreciate X, but those who don’t want to see a bloodbath should avoid it. A24 produced X, written and directed by Ti West (Pearl). The film follows a group of friends who rent a cabin outside of town to make an adult video. The film is set in 1979, long before Airbnb, thus the crew’s hosts, Pearl and Howard, are anything but welcoming. The buddies are taken out by their mystery hosts, whose identities are gradually revealed as the tale progresses.

 2. Tin & Tina (May 26, 2023) Tin & Tina is a psychological thriller from Spain about a newly married couple, Adolfo (Jaime Lorente) and Lola (Milena Smit), who lose a child after Lola miscarries. Determined to have children together, they turn to a convent with a large number of orphans to care for, and they end up taking home a set of unusual twins – the titular Tin and Tina. The film contains various horror elements mixed with symbols of religion, which wonderfully portray Lola’s crisis of faith as she attempts to cope with her loss by being more than nice to these youngsters who may have been sent from hell itself.

 3. Run Rabbit Run (June 28, 2023) Daina Reid directed Run Rabbit Run, a scary psychological thriller. Set in Australia’s breathtakingly beautiful landscape, which only adds to the unsettling foundation of the film’s premise, Run Rabbit Run features an undeniably incredible performance from Succession star Sarah Snook as a successful fertility doctor whose daughter (Lily LaTorre) appears to be possessed by her deceased sister, Alice. Run Rabbit Run is a fascinating film not just because it hinges on a frightening mystery, but also because of the breakout part for young LaTorre, who bravely enchants on screen against Snook.

Run Rabbit Run

 4. Bird Box Barcelona (July 14, 2023) Bird Box Barcelona, a spin-off sequel to the 2018 film based on the Josh Malerman novel, is a gripping post-apocalyptic horror thriller that deviates from the monster movie to examine the horrific characteristics of man. The story takes place in a devastated Barcelona and follows Sebastián (Mario Casas) and his daughter (Naila Schuberth) as they band together with other survivors of entities that must not be perceived to escape the pursuit of a dangerous cult that forces people to look at the creatures, leading to them to commit suicide. This addition to the Birdbox legend is a fascinating exploration of how humans cope with profound loss, as well as how religion can be harmful.

Bird Box Barcelona

Upcoming horror movies on Netflix

We had no clue what to expect, but we’ve since received the title and a trailer, and we know
we’ll be in the movie on opening weekend. Some have no firm release dates and very few
details, but as always, we’ll add more information as it becomes available, and we expect this
list to increase significantly! Here’s a comprehensive list of all the new horror movies coming out in 2024.
1) Imaginary March 8
An army of rude characters and an evil teddy bear? We’re in. Alice, Jessica’s youngest
stepdaughter becomes strangely attached to a teddy bear named Chauncey she discovers
in the basement after Jessica and her family move back into the house from where they were
raised. Jessica steps in to stop Alice’s increasingly nasty antics with Chauncey, only to discover
that Chauncey is much more than the plush bear she had thought him to be.


2) Late Night With The Devil – March 22
In the movie, David Dastmalchian plays talk show presenter Jack Delroy, who is at the end of
his career due to a personal tragedy and needs a boost in the ratings. It seemed like a
Halloween night layup for him to invite a little girl who is purportedly possessed as a guest. until
the cameras start rolling and everything goes crazy.

Late Night With The Devil

3) The First Omen April 5, 2024
The TV film Omen IV: The Awakening is the latest movie in the Omen series to be released in
more than 30 years. It makes sense why the studio decided to take a break from the
supernatural horror series after that poorly reviewed movie, but The First Omen will mark the
series’ return this spring. The film will function as a preface to the 1976 original When The
Omen, an American lady, is assigned to serve at a church in Rome, she discovers a sinister plot
involving the supposed birth of the Antichrist.

The First Omen

4) Sting May 2, 2024
Sting may be the perfect exposure therapy for those with spider phobia! The 2024 film, which
will be shown in cinemas, centers on 12-year-old Charlotte, a girl who grows her spider, and it
tackles arachnophobia. However, unlike the well-known classic Charlotte’s Web, the spider in
Sting turns into a monster that devours flesh.

5) Longlegs July 12, 2024,
It appears that Longlegs will rank among the weirdest and greatest films of 2024. The film,
which stars Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage—two actors who have a propensity for appearing
in excellent horror films—tells the story of a rookie FBI agent named Monroe who is sent to
investigate the murder of a serial murderer named Cage in 1974. She discovers a personal
connection to the murderer as she investigates the clues, which must help her stop him from
killing again. From what we’ve seen thus far, the movie looks both elegant and terrifying.


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