The Sabarmati Report

The wait is over now, the most awaited movie is soon in the theaters. The Sabarmati Report movie is inspired by a real event that happened in the Sabarmati Express. The Vikrant Massey, Raashii Khanna, and Riddhi Dogra are the main characters seen in the movie. The cast of the Sabarmati Report film character plays crucial roles full of energy, dedication, and passion. They beautifully present their roles and acting.

In this movie, you see the story of the Sabarmati Express train which traveled from Godhra, Gujarat to Ahmedabad on Feb 22, 2002. The train caught fire in the morning time and 59 people died during this accident. With the help of this movie, we see the Sabarmati report behind the scenes. Many people have been waiting for this movie because this movie was rescheduled due to some reason but now the Vikrant Massey post released date on Instagram. If you love films, you should stay with the website.

What Is The Sabarmati Report?

The Sabarmati report is based on the real accident which happened on the 27 Feb in the morning. In this train, 59 Hindu religious and harvest people returned from Ayodhya have lost their lives. In this movie, we see Vikrant Massey play a journalist role, Raashii Khanna is a lawyer and  Ridhi Dogra is a social activist. They all get together and face many challenges when covering the Godhra incident.  In this, you see many secrets related to the movie.

In the Sabarmati report trailer, we see that journalist Vikrant is reading the news seeing the teleprompter, and then fumbling and saying that this is not an accident. After seeing this scene viewers are curious and they know what happens. Most people do not know about this incident of the Godhra burning train. In this movie, the story revolves around the burning train. This movie is 22 years old back story on 27 Feb,2002 the burning train incident happened.

The Sabarmati Report Where To Watch?

Many movie lovers are excited about this film and the fans of Vikrant Massey are waiting for this movie after the success of the 12 failed movies. The Sabarmati Report release date is 2 August 2024 in theaters. Due to some reasons, the director and producer postponed this movie to the Sabarmati report initial release on 3 May. But now Vikrant Massey has posted on Instagram about the new release date.

These movies, produced under Balaji Motion Pictures by Shobha Kapoor, Amul V. Mohan, Ektaa R. Kapoor, and Anshul Mohan, will feature leading performances by Vikrant Massey, Raashii Khanna, and Ridhi Dogra.

The main lead role is to cover the uncovered story with bravery and the unbreakable human spirit. In the movie, we see the investigation which reveals many secrets, and issues related to corruption, society, and the struggle for justice.

The Sabarmati Report

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Sabarmati Report?

The all characters play their role with dedication and full energy. They beautifully present their roles and acting. In the movie, every scene creates suspense and emotion and attracts the viewers. There are some actors names which work in this movie:

  • Vikrant Massey
  • Raashi Khanna
  • Ridhi Dogra
  • nankeen Patni
  • Sandeep Kumar
  • Hella Stichlmair
  • AI Arjun
  • Tushar Phule
  • Aryan ardent
  • prince Kashyap
  • Anjali Nadig
  • Rohit Ameriya

The main lead role is a journalist who suffers from personal and professional duty. On the other hand, Raashi Khanna plays lawyer play which is filled with power and strength. The Ridhi dogra is a social activist, They give a very strong performance and they speak on Behalf of silent people. Those people who want justice but they do not raise their voices in front of society. The cast of the Sabarmati Report film wonderfully portrays this story. The directors and producers also present this historical incident in a very good way. They beautifully present storytelling. The dialogue is also very meaningful and powerful and reflects the audience.


The Sabarmati Report movie is a must-watch movie in this you see the historical exploration with great storytelling. The cast of The Sabarmati Report beautifully presents the story on the big screen. The Sabarmati Report is more than the picture, the main motive of this movie is to give tribute to the human spirit and remind us of the truth and justice. You should mark the 2 August on your calendar to watch this movie. If you love films, you should stay with the website.


The Sabarmati report on which Ott?

The movie will be released on 2 August 2024 in theaters only. Currently, the production does not tell about the OTT released.

What is the Sabarmati incident?

The Sabarmati Express which traveled from theĀ  Godhra railway station returned from Karsevaks to Ayodhya in the morning this train burning incident happened.


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